Looking Ahead

Before college, my goal was a to become an animator after graduation because I thought that the animators were the people who gave character lives. During the past 4 years, I learned more about the industry and the basic skills to develop a further and wider career other than just the animator. As doing the senior project, I found myself kind of like to do concept art and character design more than other stuffs. So I am planning to go for an character designer as my for my career for now. I am planning find a job, no matter what it is, in an animation studio first and start my first step and go from there and work towards my goal.


The Past Four Years

In the past 4 years, I learned a lot about animation, visual effects, filmmaking, and general digital media. I changed from a kid who just had a little talent in drawing to an artist who acquired the skills of creating his own art  and establish a career as an artist. There was no a particular class or project that resulted a shift to view myself as a professional. Every class was an unique experience and help me position myself as an artist and establish my career, whether the class taught me something I was interested in or useful, or it told me that I did not like or not fit to do something.

Life Before DIGM

I started and loved watching anime during high school. I was attracted by how animation bring life to character and the uniqueness that only animation can show. It makes me have a desire to create my own story and bring it to life. So I decided to study animation at college, and became an animator after graduation.