Dragon Ball vs. Marvel

imageDo you ever think about to let Dragon Ball worrier fighting with the heroes of Marvel? I got this idea when I was sitting there and made a poster in Photoshop. I really hope there is a film or game that can let me see Dragon Ball worriers fighting with the Marvel heroes. It get to be funny.


Dead space 3

Dead space 3

I am playing Dead Space 3 those days. It is one of my favorite games. I have played Dead Space and Dead Space 2. They were awesome. The visual of Dead Space 3 is better than Dead Space and Dead Space 2 and have many new improvements. I begin to expect Dead Space 4 now!!!

3D Rising Heart

rising heart

This is a 3D model I made by Maya. It is the magic device of Nanoha from one of my favorite anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I become more and more familiar with Maya and find it more and more interesting. I will keep practice it.

Art Museum


I went to Philadelphia Museum of Art last weekend with my friends. It is an awesome place.There were a lot of amazing paintings, statuses and other art works. I learn a lot of things there and really inspired by those art works. I definitly will go there again.