BrainBank 3

I saw a postcard in the supermarket in Sept. 29th. There is a fortune cookie on the postcard. But the memo in the cookie says “Closed! No fortune today.” Fortune cookie is an ordinary thing but no fortune in the fortune makes the idea a fresh one. The fresh idea by combining ordinary object with different content inspires me.

CreativityExercise 1-10 Problems

  1. Apocalyptic

I want to draw a manga called Apocalyptic. It is about God sends angels to destroy humans because of their disrespect and arrogant and humans fight back for their right of living and freedom. I want Apocalyptic to be published and serialized.

 2. LBB (Language Barrier Breaker)

I want to write a program called Language Barrier Breaker. This program can directly translate voice and typing message from a language to another language. People with different languages can directly communicate with each other without learning other language or translator.

3.Journey of A Drop

For my senior project, my first idea is to create an animation about a drop of rain experienced a fantastic and unexpected journey and finally go back to the sea.

4.The World On The Screen

I want to write a travels about the sights that films and animations take place. In the book, there will be a detailed guide that tells which films or animations take place in a certain place and sight, with famous shoots come from films and animations about that place. There will also be guide about how to go to the place in the book and the information about its surrounding.

5.A Year of The Forbidden City

I want to take pictures about the Forbidden City from a certain place same time a day, all year around, and take 1/365 from each photo and make those 365 pieces of photos into a single photograph.

6.Before Disappear

Another manga I want to draw is about a passive girl who wants to kill herself die in an accident. God gives her a test that if she can find the real meaning of life, he can let her goes to heaven.

7.The Rule of The World

This manga I want to draw is about the nearly future, China Empire conquered the world with a high-technical powered armor called “Dragon Bone” and a mysterious weapon which can destroy a small country in a second. The main character is a pilot of DB and one day he discovers that the mysterious destructive weapon is DB itself…. I want this manga to be  published and serialized.

8.Coop Application

I want to coop in Japan. But I have no idea how to apply a Japan animation company and let them accept me. I need to have an plan about the things I should do and the schedule of application.

9.2D League

I want to build a website for fans of Japanese animation all over the world. On the website they can share their interests, their ideas and their information with anime fans all over the world. I need the idea of how to build and control such a big system and get people’s attention and members.

10.World War A

I want to draw a short comic which the characters of American comic like Superman fight with Japanese manga characters like Goku. I need to think about the story development and drawing style.

BrainBank 1

BrainBank 1

I found this image when I was surfing Renren, a Chinese social network in Sept. 27, 2013. I found this image very interesting because the image start with 3 Japanese characters but end with a man’s face. The amazing changbility between words and objects really inspires me.

Why I am here?

The reason I am in this class is because, of course, it is required. My major Animation&visual effects required me to take this course. The reason why I am in this  major is because I like animations. I like watching them and want to creat my own animations on day.