My Creative Biology

Q:What was the first creative moment you remember?

A: I imagined my two hands as two people and let them fight with each other.

Q: Did anyone see it?

A: I do not think so.

Q: What was your best idea?

A: To have a travel to Japan.

Q; What made it great?

A; I got in touch with a different culture, found many fresh and interesting things there and got a lot of ideas and inspirations from that trip. It is very helpful for my farther carrier and creative activity.

Q: What was your dumbest idea?

A: Not write the ideas that jump out of my mind down.

Q: What made it stupid?

A: I forgot a lot of good ideas. When I need some ideas, I have to spend a lot of time to come up idea first. It wasted a lot of time.

Q: What is your ultimate creative ambition?

A; Create an animation, a manga or something that can be called a godpiece and remembered by the history.

Q: What are your typical creative obstacles?

A: Do not know how to start, how to organize me ideas to create a piece of work.

Q; What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?

A: Start to try out ideas, keep working on the good ideas and conquer the fear of fail and bad feedback.

Q; How do you begin your day?

A: By watching an episode of anime of read some manga.

Q: What are your habits?

A; Watching animes and movies, reading manga, collecting, and drawing.

Q; And re those other things you may choose not to call habits; Do you have ritualistic patterns?

A: No.

Q; Which artist do you most admire, and why?

A: Eiichiro Oda. His is the author of my favorite manga One Piece. One Piece makes me laugh and cry and have adventure in the fantastic pirate world. I learned to care and trust friends, and to insist my dream. I admire him that he can create such a fantastic work and I dream to create such one someday.

Q; What do you and this artist have in common?

A; Love the carriers. Want the audiences enjoy the works.

Q; Who in your life regularly inspires you? How?

A; There no such a people who inspires me all the time. I got idea front everywhere—people, things, and sometimes just pump out from my head.

Q; When confronted with superior intelligence/talent, how do you respond?

A; Try to use it to help with me work.

Q; When confronted with stupidity/laziness, how do you respond?

A; Get some rest. Maybe the stupidity or laziness are cause by tired. Get some rest and adjust myself to my best condition and avoid the stupidity or laziness to ruin my works.

Q; When you work do you love the process or the result?

A; The result.

Q; What is your ideal creative activity?

A: Making interesting animations

Q; What is your greatest fear.

A; Fail others expectation.

Q: What is the likelihood of the answers to the two previous questions happening?

A: 1. I like watching animations and want create my own animation and let other people know what I am thinking.

2. From the pressure under people’s expectation

Q; Which of your answers would you most like to change?

A; The second one.

Q; What is your idea of mastery?

A; Master all the techniques to be a great animator and storyteller.

Q; What is your greatest dream?

A; Become the best animation director in the world.

Q: What else do you feel would help to define your “Creative Biology?”

A; That is enough for right now.


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