And Then What Happens..?!?

Nouns: support, fiction
Adjective: many
There Are Many People Who Support Fiction Making.
In 2125, a company called Stark company invents a machine called Fiction Generator, which can bring fiction into real world. It makes the people’s life more convenient, but also cause many problem. Bad guys uses FG to do bad things more easily. Some people use FG to make their life better, but some people use FG to ruin others’ life. You are a guy whose life was ruined by FG. You promise to destroy the whole FG system by destroying the Stark company. You join in a organization called AntiFiction League which goal is to destroy FG system. One day, you and you friend of AFL rob a truck full with FG and begin you attack with those FG you get.


Complaint Letter

I receive you comment. It is really helpful. But I think you can sometimes be nice to people. It is for your own goods. If you give such a comment to others other than me, you are probably be dead. By the way, I am anger too to read such rude comment. Please do not send me such thing again. Thanks.


Spirited Away

(Origin: fantasy)In the middle of her family’s move to the suburbs, a sullen 10-year-old girl wanders into a world ruled by gods, witches, and monsters; where humans are changed into animals; and a bathhouse for these creatures.

(As horror) In the middle of her family’s move to the suburbs, a sullen 10-year-old girl and her parents go in to a strange world where the girl’s parents are turned into pigs and herself is also captured and becomes a slave of monsters living in that world in a bathhouse…

My Mental Image

I think my mental age should be 25 more or less. I have dreams and I want to achieve them. But I am not just a dreamer. I have plan about my future, plans about how to achieve my goals and dreams. I usually think about the future and the meaning of the life and do things with more particular goals and meaningful for my life

Why I am here?

The reason I am in this class is because, of course, it is required. My major Animation&visual effects required me to take this course. The reason why I am in this  major is because I like animations. I like watching them and want to creat my own animations on day.