Parameterizing the Problems_WK05

  • Make it more global

I want the manga be published in different languages.

  • Make it more specific

I want the manga to be published in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

  • Make it specifically global, ..and vice versa.

I want the manga to be published in Japan first and translated into Chinese, English and other language versions.

  • When: define the timeline
  1. Concept development
  2. Story development
  3. Character development.
  4. Research about professional manga industry.
  5. Come out a plan of creating  and producing.
  • The Action: The thing you want to do.

I want to create a manga called The Rule of The World and I want it to be published and serialized.

  • The End Result: The result you expect to follow

The Rule of The World gets published, serialized and becomes popular.

  • Define the problem from your point of view

Create a manga in a professional way and get the manga into production.

  • Why is it necessary?

One of my intended profession is to be a caricaturist and it is necessary for me to get start and know the process of professional manga production.

  • What is unknown?

The process of professional manga production.

  • What do you not understand about it?

The difference between American comic production and Japanese manga production.


Parameterizing the Problems_WK 04

This week I did some sketches of my characters and played around with it. I looked up other comics and mangas for inspriation. I think it is helpful. Some of the sketch looks good and some of them are not so well. I will keep play around with ideas and character sketches and find a good way to build a interesting beginning.

Parameterizing the Problems_WK03

To continue solving the problem of making the manga The Rule of The World. I think about more kinds of beginning I could use to start the story. I also tried different setting of the characters and relationship between characters to make a interesting but also logical and reasonable setting. I may start to sketch out the characters next week and keep work on solve the problems.

Parameterizing the Problems_WK02

I choose The Rule of The World to be my major creative problem to solve. I want this manga to be published and serialized. The first thing I should do should be create the characters and the first few chapters of story. I have written the screenplay about the beginning of the story for my screenwriting class and to see how much story I had in my mind. I will begin to do sketches about the characters when I am free. I will continue work on this problem and see how it is going.