BrainBank 14

I left some salmon sashimi last night. To finish them, I made them into salmon sandwich with some wasabi and toast. The fresh taste fresh salmon and toast combination surprises me. The toast’s sweet covers the fishy taste of the sashimi and just leaves the fresh taste of the salmon. The wasabi also add some spicy to the sandwich and makes it taste more unique.


BrainBank 13



When I was working on my works in the lab, I put my PS Vita on the white lab table. I occasionally found the  white table makes the black Vita has a simplistic beautiful. And my ghost decoration makes the scene more interesting. So I took a photo of it.

BrainBank 12


I bought this psvita card case and I found it very well designed. It is simple and convenient. Each side can hold 4 game card and a memory card. That means players can hold more than 10 games in just a small card case. The simple design and plastic body make the prize low. One case is just $5. The convenient and low prize make customers like me glad to buy it.

And Then What Happens..?!?

Nouns: support, fiction
Adjective: many
There Are Many People Who Support Fiction Making.
In 2125, a company called Stark company invents a machine called Fiction Generator, which can bring fiction into real world. It makes the people’s life more convenient, but also cause many problem. Bad guys uses FG to do bad things more easily. Some people use FG to make their life better, but some people use FG to ruin others’ life. You are a guy whose life was ruined by FG. You promise to destroy the whole FG system by destroying the Stark company. You join in a organization called AntiFiction League which goal is to destroy FG system. One day, you and you friend of AFL rob a truck full with FG and begin you attack with those FG you get.